AOE releases updated Annual Snapshot of Vermont student performance

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Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) has released an updated version of the Annual Snapshot. The Annual Snapshot is an online tool that presents quantitative data about Vermont schools. Vermonters can see how their school, Supervisory Union/District or the state as a whole is doing based on multiple measures. The Annual Snapshot can be found at Overall English and Science were meeting the performance standard while Math was not meeting the performance standard. In all three subjects, the Equity Index was not being met.

The Annual Snapshot release also marks the public release of school and supervisory union-level statewide assessment results in the Vermont Education Dashboard (VED).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s snapshot is somewhat different than previous versions.

As a tool, the Annual Snapshot is designed to show progress and change over time. Adverse impacts on education and assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic have made it harder to compare the data used to build the Annual Snapshot measures from one year to the next. This is an important caveat for users to keep in mind as they review this most recent version, as the interpretation of some indicators is impacted by this context. This context also impacts the display of the data in the VED.

Per federal law, the Annual Snapshot is used to make accountability determinations, identifying which schools or districts in Vermont are eligible for additional financial support. No accountability determinations will be made for the 2020-21 school year due to a waiver granted by the US Department of Education. For more information on limitations, please see 2021 Annual Snapshot COVID-Related Context.

“Annual Snapshot results are harder to interpret his year,” said Secretary of Education Dan French, Ed.D. “And yet we have plenty of other data to demonstrate how difficult the past two years have been for students, staff and families. We know from local assessments, other data points, and a range of anecdotal evidence that many students struggled last year. As we move forward, good data and assessments of progress, both in the classroom, and out, will be critical to recovery and revitalization.”

The Annual Snapshot reports on five domains: Academic Proficiency (e.g., statewide summative assessment results, graduation rate, college and career ready indicators), Personalization, Safe and Healthy Schools, High Quality Staffing, and Investment Priorities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Physical Education assessment (VTPEA) was not administered during 2021 and therefore is not reported on.  Student growth in content assessments is not available because of statewide assessment administration being canceled in 2020.

“We have ample anecdotal evidence of the adverse impact of COVID-19 on educators and students,” said Dr. Heather Bouchey, Deputy Secretary of Education. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to compare this year’s annual snapshot and statewide assessment data with prior years, as disruption to testing caused by the pandemic means that the results aren’t equivalent from a measurement standpoint. I want to warn Vermonters against making these comparisons. That said, these results highlight how important getting good, accurate assessment data will be going forward, as we continue to measure and respond to the impacts of COVID-19.”

The release of this year’s Annual Snapshot marks the public release of school and Supervisory Union/District statewide assessment results. Because participation rates are lower than prior years, it is very difficult to interpret 2021 ELA, Math, Science, and English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment results. The accuracy of aggregate results is uncertain. This is especially true when participation rates varied based on student group membership. Content assessment results can be found both in the Annual Snapshot and the Vermont Education Dashboard (VED).

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5.3.2022. MONTPELIER, Vt. – Vermont Agency of Education the Web.


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