Best Business Internet Services for 2023

Feature Description
Dedicated Internet A private gateway connection for your business allows you to keep operations afloat without fear of digital congestion slowing you down.
Wireless Internet Backup In the event of an internet or power outage, ISPs will have some form of wireless internet backup that can serve as a secondary connection.
Business-Exclusive Phone and TV Deals Connect with your customers and employees by bundling the internet with phone and TV services.
Contract Buyouts Receive credit from a future provider to pay off early termination fees from a previous provider.

Dedicated Internet

If you’re running your business under a shared internet connection, there’s a chance that you may have experienced slow internet speeds in moments of high traffic or congestion. When using business internet, however, customers typically will have a dedicated internet option that delivers fast internet speeds through a private connection. Even in moments of high internet traffic, business-critical systems, such as point-of-sale software and data transfers, can continue running smoothly.

Internet Backup Options

Things happen. Internet outages, natural disasters and other unexpected events could cause business internet to go down momentarily. Business internet providers are aware of this and know that businesses could end up losing money if they lose connectivity. When reviewing our vendors, we found that each of them offered various types of internet backup options.

Whether it’s purchasing broadband internet as a secondary connection or using a backup router that offers hours of battery-powered connection, business internet providers typically will include this as part of their internet plans as well as 24/7 support and protection to keep you in the loop about your connection status until the primary connection comes back online.

Business-exclusive phone and TV deals

A lot of businesses nowadays don’t just rely on the internet to run their business. Calling via phone and video is just as relevant, whether a company is exclusively in-office or works off of a remote/hybrid work model. Most business internet providers are aware of this and may offer potential business customers great deals if they bundle internet with their phone or TV services.

In some cases, business customers may be able to save some money on this as well. More often than not, bundling business internet with other services offered by the internet provider will result in a discounted price for all services.

TipTip: Bundle your business internet whenever possible. Some providers will offer business phone plans or business TV plans that may be useful for your business.

Contract Buyouts

When starting a business, you may decide that switching providers is the best move. Maybe you’ve already started a business and you’re wanting to take advantage of offers provided by another internet provider. Some business internet providers do offer the option of buying out a contract from a previous provider to close in on a contract with a business customer.

It’s not strictly a contract buyout, however. The provider is not purchasing the contract to then give the new contract to the new business customer. Rather, they provide a limited amount of “credit” to cover early termination fees and other costs associated with ending a contract early. Be wary that the new provider may require your existing contract to explicitly say “early termination fees” as proof of the cancellation.


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