Opinion: Find Positive When Consumed By Negative

Art by Vivian Hsia

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The news headlines from January have been nothing short of a promise of anxiety for its viewers. They are as follows : Additional Documents Found at Biden’s Home,” “Ecuador Tried to Curb Drilling and Protect the Amazon. The Opposite Happened” and “The Slow, Inevitable Death of Middle-Class Housing.”

In a world full of negativity, how are we supposed to listen to and understand the notions of staying positive?

It might seem to some it is a bummer to live in the world as it is now, not even from a pessimistic standpoint — that’s just how it is for them. However, learning to see the blessings surrounding our immediate lives and not taking the moments we have for granted are how we, as humans, can learn to lead a more optimistic and hopeful lifestyle.

As a journalist, I find myself constantly taking in recent news that is almost always negative. My mind stays with these stories and the people they are about, and it becomes all-consuming. A popular phrase that swirls around society is “work-life balance.” This can translate across all avenues of life and will ultimately support an optimistic mentality and boosting moral in a low spirited world.

A work-life balance is defined as “the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one’s career and the demands of one’s personal life,” according to Business News Daily.

Specifically with that definition, the idea of having priorities can help with surviving the whirlwind of negativity and staying positive. If one prioritizes a family dinner over watching the news, there’s a chance for positivity.

When going out for a walk in nature instead of sitting on a phone, there are more benefits. Prioritizing the environment and people that surround a person on a daily basis can help someone recognize the blessings that inhabit their lives.

Worldwide negativity aside, people have personal struggles they must address, overcome and move on from. That is almost more difficult than reading about the crumbling corners of the world.

Often as a result of being at a Christian University, students are encouraged to turn to classmates, professors, counselors and most importantly, God.

When a circumstance challenges you, ask the question, “Why is this happening?” or “What is this teaching me or going to teach me?” There is a reason for everything in this world — God has a plan, and whether a person is religious or not, there is a meaning to the spiderweb of life events.

When looking at a bleak situation, understand there is an ultimate reason for it and look forward to the growth that will happen as a result. This will save a person a lot of agony and anxiety over it happening in the first place.

When being devoured by the unfortunate world events people so often see, take a step back and smell the air, pray, look at the sky, spend time with the ones you love and count at least three things you’re grateful for. Soon, the thing that occupied your brain and lived rent-free in your mind for so long will start to fade. The more this happens, the more it dissolves into a distant thought.

While it is good to feel negative emotions sometimes and get mad, angry, sad and disturbed, it shouldn’t define an entire person. These things shouldn’t be all you are.

Therefore, thank your loved ones, have faith, smile at the heartache and count the blessings and things you are grateful for and suddenly, life might seem a little less dim.


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