Tampa mayors reunite for final cover shoot of EDGE Business Magazine

TAMPA, Fla. — After a decade-long run, EDGE Business Magazine, founded by Kelly Wilson, is printing its final edition.

The content and characters highlighted in the publication focused on the business stories in Tampa that only sometimes get told. In a historic reunion, ABC Action News was the only station at City Hall to see mayors past and present gathered for the special occasion.

“When we first started, it was September of 2013, there weren’t many organizations that supported the entrepreneurial spirit,” Kelly Wilson, Founder of EDGE Business Magazine, said. “And, you know, ultimately, EDGE, first and foremost, has been a community that offered media solutions to scale and overcome the walls of life’s challenges. EDGE has always been for the dreamers that do because you can’t just dream; you have to do.”

That sentiment resonated with business and city leaders across Tampa Bay from day one.

We watched as nearly all the mayors greeted each other with hugs and smiles, excited to be back in the building they once worked to solve the problems plaguing our area. From Mayor Jane Castor to Dick Greco (who turns 90 on Sept. 14) and everyone in between, Bob Buckhorn, former mayor, and governor Bob Martinez, and Pam Iorio, Bob Clark, a Tampa business tycoon, will also be on the front cover honored for his work in the community despite never holding the office of mayor.

We asked each mayor what EDGE did for Tampa. This is what they said.

CASTOR: “It’s incredibly important. You know what the EDGE has done to tell Tampa’s story through the years and bring all the mayors together for the final photograph. And to see all that’s accomplished in a way our city has grown. It’s incredible.”

BUCKHORN: “When she first started that magazine, we were in the midst of the recession; things were dark and bleak. And she saw and chronicled and wrote about and highlighted the personalities and the players and the places that helped make this city what it’s become.”

PALUSKA: “Do you think it’s going to be like without EDGE?”

BUCKHORN: “I’m gonna miss it. The business community, in particular, will miss it. We need people who can tell those stories. And to remind people who it is that helped build this place.”

IORIO: “Tampa’s a unique city; the mayors are for each other, the former mayors, and collectively, we’re always for whoever is in office. And that’s probably different than a lot of other cities. We’re all friends, and we love getting together. We love each other.”

PALUSKA: “Is that why people have all showed up for Kelly today? Because she had a deep love for the city?”

IORIO: “She does. And she has such a heart for the community. And she wanted to make this very last issue all about people who love the community.”

MARTINEZ: “I’m looking forward to seeing it when it all gets done. And she’ll start the next chapter in her life. But, you know, we all have to move forward, and she’s young, plenty of time to do other things. And sometimes we stay too long doing something, quite frankly. It gets kind of old, and you lose enthusiasm. So, I’ve always felt that a periodic change is good for you.”

GRECO: “We get to see each other every once in a while, but not as often as we used to. But all of us have helped be a part of this growing city.”

As Wilson starts her new chapter, EDGE lead photographer Keith Lindquist is excited to remain by her side for whatever adventure comes next.

“It’s fun to sit in the background and watch her work because she is excellent,” Lindquist said. “She’s very good at talking to people and getting information out of them to do her wonderful interviews. The people that we’ve met, the people that we have worked with with EDGE, have been just the best, the best of Tampa.”

Wilson said you can pre-order the final Legacy Edition, and there is still time to reach out to her ([email protected]) if you are interested in being a sponsor or advertising in the last issue.


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