The Best EMR and EHR Software of 2023-

If your practice has unique needs that might require you to pick and choose from a list of services, AdvancedMD has you covered. You can build your own set of services with AdvancedMD, and you won’t break the bank to do so. This model makes AdvancedMD especially apt for large practices.

In fact, building your own custom suite of AdvancedMD services can save you up to 30% on medical software costs. Even with these substantial discounts, though, your AdvancedMD setup will likely run you several hundred dollars per provider, per month. Complicating matters is that many features included with other medical software cost extra with AdvancedMD.

That said, all AdvancedMD platforms come with telehealth, charting, note-taking and basic e-prescribing functions. You can customize and color-code your charts, which are easy to find and access. As you look at your charts, you can also pull up any ICD-10 code you might need. And as you prescribe medications, you’ll be alerted to any potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Perhaps the most compelling feature of AdvancedMD’s EMR software is its task donuts, which keep your staff aware of their tasks and help them check all their boxes. The AdvancedMD EMR also prioritizes interoperability and its telehealth suite (which, as with all trustworthy medical software brands, is HIPAA-compliant).

On the PMS side, AdvancedMD’s standout features include patient exam room tracking, waitlist and instant eligibility checks. If you opt in to AdvancedMD’s high-level billing features, you can enjoy a first-pass claim acceptance rate of well over 90%.

Based on user feedback, the AdvancedMD EMR now includes functionality for the patient engagement suite and medical cards. The new features also cut down on manual work within the PMS’s “claim status inquiry tool” while improving financial control. We like that all these changes reflect what customers have requested in the product.

AdvancedMD also provides tools for patient-preferred name changes, auto-accept consent forms, Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) follow-up tasks and growth charts. Practitioners and front-office staff can use these tools to streamline patient registration, recordkeeping, prescribing and charting. Two additional features – unsolicited claims attachments and payor contractual reimbursement tracking – may also prove useful for front-office and billing staff.

Whichever features you implement, you’ll get one-on-one training directly from AdvancedMD. Your custom set of services will be ready to go in no time, and before you know it, you’ll be operating your practice exactly how you see fit.

We like how AdvancedMD has taken steps to improve the quality of its customer support calls. After implementing a new business phone system, 8×8, AdvancedMD said its clients noticed more streamlined, convenient service. This attention to improving customer relations is a significant benefit for large practices.

AdvancedMD has introduced a Telehealth platform to replace its Telemedicine suite, which the company is phasing out in 2023. The company has updated its mobile app to include provider access to Telehealth and introduce a provider list view within the app’s schedule section. AdvancedMD customers must purchase Telehealth as an add-on.


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