Thomas Bargetzi Wins Two 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

LONDON, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thomas Bargetzi has been named twice in the 2023 Business Worldwide CEO Awards. The globally successful change management CEO is the winner of two Business Worldwide CEO Awards — ‘Best Corporate Turnaround CEO of the Year – Europe‘ and ‘Visionary CEO of the Year, Switzerland‘.

The awards seek to identify and honour the most respected C-level executives across the globe, from a variety of different sectors. The awards themselves do not focus on a company’s success, as many do; instead, the spotlight is on the success of the individuals who lead them. The intention is to give worthy leaders the recognition they deserve, while using their example to inspire others to achieve similar success.

Thomas Bargetzi has forged a successful global career by bridging the gap between operational manager and business consultant, describing himself as a crisis manager who brings businesses back from the brink of collapse. He has worked with 53 companies in 30 countries, and his philosophy is that anything is possible with determination and the right attitude. He generally works with businesses for no more than 3 days a week for up to a year, saying that any more than this would make the relationship too personal. By remaining detached, he is able to have difficult conversations and make the bold decisions needed to rescue businesses, even when they are at their lowest points.  

Every mandate is different, so he follows no set process or system; instead, he brings to every new project a metaphorical toolkit packed with different tools and approaches according to the job in hand.

It’s common for struggling businesses to spend huge amounts of money on consultants who are full of ideas and strategies, but when they leave everything falls to pieces, because there is nobody with the skills to implement the changes they suggest. This is what makes Thomas’ role so unique and successful, because as well as having the ideas and strategies, he also has the on-the-ground skills needed to bring them to life.

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